Zefon Via-Cell® Cassettes

The Via-Cell® bioaerosol sampling cassette is designed to collect both viable and non-viable bioaerosols, maintain viability of the viable mould spores and prevent growth during transport to the laboratory.

Sampling with the Via-Cell® is very similar to its sister product Air-O-Cell®. Simply connect it to any pump calibrated to 15LPM and run your sample.

The key to the Via-Cell® is that the media used for collection maintains viability of spores and allows several analysis options.

One Sample, Multiple Analysis Options

Culturable Sampling:

The Via-Cell® sampler is the perfect tool for collecting viable organisms and culturing them on agar plates. Simply dilute the media in sterile water and transfer to a culture plate.

PCR Analysis:

The Via-Cell® utilises a water soluble collection media which is ideal for PCR and other chemical types of analysis. Once the sample is diluted in water, it can be transferred most anywhere.

Direct Microscopy:

Samples collected using the Via-Cell® sampler may also be analysed using direct microscopy to give total spore counts.

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