Testing for MVOCS

Testing for MVOC'S

Microbial Volatile Organic Compound (MVOC) testing aims to facilitate the identification and detection of mould contamination.

Fungi and bacteria produce MVOCs as a byproduct of their metabolism, and many of these MVOCs cause the characteristic musty odour of mouldy environments.  The presence of MVOCs in air samples taken from a building with suspected mould contamination can indicate moisture problems and the presence of hidden mould growth.

MVOCs are particularly useful for detecting mould growth behind walls and partitions because, unlike mould spores, MVOCs permeate these surfaces, providing evidence of the obscured mould without destructive testing.

Using a simple sampling procedure, results are obtained without requiring culture or incubation.

NSJ Enviro, in conjunction with an associated laboratory, can offer comprehensive sampling and analysis of MVOCs, plus interpretation and solutions.