Airborne Fungi and Bacterial Culture

Airborne Fungi and Bacterial Culture

There are several services we offer for testing the level and types of airborne microbes present in an environment.


The MAS100 is a unit that utilises direct sieve impaction onto agar plates, based on the Anderson impaction principle, whcih is accepted and proven world-wide. Air is aspirated through a perforated id with 488 holes. A radial fan controlled by a flow sensor accurately regultaes the air flow real time at 100L/min. The air and subsequent microbes are impacted onto the growth media in a 90mm petri-dish. The plates are then incubated for 7days under the appropriate conditions and colony forming units are counted.

Quick Take 30

The Quick Take 30 is a high volume air sampling pump. It operates at a constant flow rate betwee 10 to 30L/min and is ideal for use with BioStage Impactors, Via-Cell and Air-O-Cell cassettes, asbestos and microvacuum cassettes and other samplers that require a flow rate up to 30L/min.

Using a BioStage sampler in concert with the Quick Take 30 allows the collection of viable (culturable) air samples. Agar plates are directly exposed to the air samples and returned to NSJ Enviro where they are cultured under the appropriate conditions for 7days.


Via-Cell cassettes are designed to collect both viable and non-viable air samples. This sampling method uses a water soluble media to trap spores and maintain viability and prevent growth during transport to the laboratory.

Sampling with the Via-Cell is very similar to its sister product Air-O-Cell. Simply connect to a pump calibrated to 15L/min and run.The Via-Cell is a great tool for collecting viable organisms and culturing them onto agar plates.