ERMI Analysis & Swiffer Sampling Kit




Note: Combining basement or crawl space dusts with upstairs living space samples are strongly discouraged.

Note: Sterile Swiffer Cloths are available from NSJ Enviro – they have been Gamma sterilised to remove background contamination, so using standard wipes from the cleaning industry is not recommended.

Before starting the process, identify the surfaces/areas covered with visible dust.  Try to avoid areas where you see visible mould(s) growth, as this will bias the result to show particular mould species elevation instead of a general overview.

  1.  The following areas might be worth sampling:
  • Surfaces of tables, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets, etc.
  • On the top of the door, cubical divider, blackboard, door-frame, window-frame and the top surfaces of fluorescent lights.
  • On top of electronic devices such as monitor screens, printers, computers and telephones.
  • Window sills, skirting boards, tops of doors, upper walls, and other untouched areas above the floor.
  • Surfaces of vents or pipes.


  1. Wearing clean gloves (supplied) take a Swiffer Cloth* out of its plastic bag and wipe it on the selected area(s) of the dusty surface(s) to be tested.  For multiple surface areas, wipe the first area, fold cloth to expose a clean area then wipe the next surface and so on.
  2. Wipe in one direction only, approx. 1 metre in length. Ten different locations are recommended. Please also avoid rubbing/scrubbing the surface or wiping in a circular motion.
  3. Please collect enough visible dust to cover at least 50% of the cloth as a minimum of 5mg of dust is required for a valid analysis.
  4. Fold up the cloth and reseal it in its plastic bag.  Write your sample name/information on the bag with a marker.
  5. Make a note of the sampled areas & fill in all the necessary information on the Chain-Of-Custody (COC) form.
  6. Send the bag(s) back to NSJ Enviro for testing

*Note: The samples you want in one analysis should be on one cloth.  E.g. If you want three areas analysed, then the dust for each analysis should be on three separate cloths and returned in separate bags. Please note that the price increases as the number of analyses increases.


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