Zefon Bio-Tape™ Surface Sampler

Bio-Tape™ is a standardised sampling method for the determination of mould, combustion products, and inorganic dust contamination. It allows the user to quickly take a sample and measure the relative degree of contamination.

Bio-Tape™ consists of a flexible plastic microscope slide with a pre-defined adhesive area. Each slide has a unique serial number for traceability and is packed in a slide mailer to prevent cross contamination of samples.


  • Provides sample consistency and uniformity
  • Easier to handle than tape
  • Individually serialised for traceability
  • Eliminates problems of placing tape in a zip bag, or broken slides during transport
  • Requires less laboratory preparation time
  • Ideal for mould sampling and testing
  • Compatible with both optical microscope and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Using Bio-Tape™ helps provide more consistency in your samples. This is because each sample uses the same amount of adhesive surface area and the provided packaging offers protection during shipment to the laboratory. When the laboratory receives your sample, there will be no guessing where the sample area is and no sticky mess of tape to deal with.

This is a great video that gives an overview of the way to use a Bio-Tape™

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