Ambient Air Sampling Procedure

Zefon’s Air-O-Cell is a linear spore trap with an impaction trace and is used for the collection of airborne bio-aerosols including fungi, pollen, and particulates.

Bio-Tape Sampling Procedure

Overview of Surface Sampling – Swab, Tape, and Bulk Sampling

Bulk Samples Procedure

Bulks are very useful to find and identify bacteria and fungi to the genus level. The material can also be used for culture of viable fungi.

Carpet Dust Sampling Guide

Carpet Dust (Vacuum) Sampling Procedure. The dust collection attachment (see below) has stoppers in both ends. Remove the rear stopper and make sure collection basket is inside of the unit. Save the stopper.

Moisture Meter Guide

How to use a moisture meter in mold inspection

Overview of Surface Sampling

Overview of Surface Sampling – Swab, Tape, and Bulk Sampling

Swiffer Cloth Sampling Guide

The Swiffer cloth provides an alternative way to collect dust for mould-specific quantitative PCR (MSqPCR) and/or ERMI or HERTSMI-2 analysis.

Swab Sampling Guide

Swabs are for use in hard to reach areas where surfaces may not be flat enough to press a tape slide onto.

Wall Sampling Guide Zefon Biopump

Alternative Method of Detecting Hidden Mould

Wall Sampling Guide

Calibrate Bio-Pump with representative Air-O-Cell® Flow Rotameter to desired flow rate (15 L/min is recommended). Remove cassette after calibration.